Weddings with up to 30 people present are now permitted in church, and it is never too early to start planning a wedding in the future… 

If you are planning a wedding for after churches re-open, please do get in touch and we can talk through some of the preliminaries with you.
07930 492323 

St Matthew’s is a lovely place to get married, to renew your marriage vows or have a previous ceremony blessed.  The church has a traditional feel which is just right for weddings and our new garden is a pretty backdrop for photographs.  More importantly, it is a sacred place, the house of God, an ideal place to make solemn vows to each other and to God.  A wedding here is unforgettable.

Our wedding package includes organist, choir and flowers as well as the actual fees for the ceremony and all the arrangements and paperwork.  Typically a wedding will cost a bit over £700 all in at St Matthew’s, depending on which ‘extras’ you require.

We try hard to make your wedding a relaxed and happy occasion, and so we will help you prepare carefully for your special day and the beginning of your married life.

We are happy to marry couples who live in the parish or have connections with the church, for example if you were christened here, or you or your family used to live here.  For general information the Church of England has a great weddings site: .

Sadly we are not allowed to perform same-sex marriages by law, but we are happy to offer services of celebration for those married in registry offices or other places.  The Vicar is welcoming and supportive of same-sex couples.

For more information contact the Vicar by phoning 07930 492323 or email  or drop into church on a Tuesday between 10am and noon, when the Vicar is usually around.  Feel free to come and have a look around without obligation.