How to pray alone

Perhaps you find it hard to pray at home? You aren’t alone in this, but we hope these resources will help.  Being stuck at home can be boring, frustrating, or lonely, even if there are other people in the house with you!
And if you are very unwell, or worried you might become so, it can be frightening, too. God is with us in these situations, whether we are conscious of his presence or not.
Remembering this, and relying on him in prayer, can help you to keep going.

In normal circumstances, we are pleased to arrange for sick or housebound people to have communion at home, but where quarantine/ self-isolation rules are in place, this
won’t be possible. But illness – or self-isolation – can’t separate us from Jesus’ love.

Here are some ideas to that you might find helpful – and remember –  the rest of the church is praying for you!

Morning and Evening Prayer

Many from the parish will be saying the service of Morning Prayer at 9am every morning, and Evening Prayer at 5pm every evening. If you plan to join us, let us know so that we can feel connected as we pray. These services can be found on the Church of England website

or you can download an app to your phone or tablet for free – It is called ‘Daily Prayer’ and the logo is a blue square with the words ‘daily prayer’ on it. Each of these services consists of set prayers as well as a psalm for the day, which many find very helpful in times of trouble, and two bible readings. Towards the end of the service there is space to offer your own prayers for yourself, your loved ones and our world. Each service lasts about 15 minutes.

Simple Forms of Prayer

● Lighting a candle before you pray can help you to focus and listen.

● Jesus taught us the Lord’s Prayer so that we would always
have words to say. Use it!

● The “Examen”. Don’t let the name put you off! This is a
very simple way to prayerfully review your day with God
in five steps:
1. Become aware of God’s presence, or ask God to help you
remember he’s there with you.
2. Review the day with gratitude (as best you can!)
3. Pay attention to how you’re feeling about it.
4. Choose one feature of the day and pray about it.
5. Look toward tomorrow. What do you expect the day to
hold? Ask God to help you remember he’s with you.

● Lectio Divina: again, if this is new to you, don’t let the
name put you off. Lectio helps you to read the Bible in a
prayerful way. Pick a short passage of Scripture (it can be
anything you like, but if you’re stuck, parables of Jesus or
the shorter Psalms are a good choice). Read it through,
slowly, two or three times. Notice what jumps out at you,
and ask yourself, what is God saying to me here? Reflect
on this for a few minutes. Then, read the passage again.
Now ask yourself, what do I want to say to God? – then say
it. Lastly, sit quietly and know that God is with you.