Christening and baptism are two words which mean the same thing.  In the baptism service we make a statement that someone is a child of God, washing them with water to symbolise the washing away of sin and the blessing of new life in Jesus Christ.  In baptism a child or adult is given their name as a sign that they are a unique individual, a precious child of God.

FontIf you would like to be baptised yourself, or to have your child baptised, we would be delighted to arrange this.  The usual process is to first set the date for the christening, as we are booked up several months in advance. We usually hold Christenings during the 10.30am service on the 3rd or the 5th Sunday of each month.  Before the Christening members of our church team will arrange to visit you to discuss the promises you will make.  We do ask you to come to church at least one Sunday morning before the service itself, so you can get to know us and to learn more about your faith.  You will also be invited to a Baptism workshop alongside other families, either before or after your baptism service.

 SCHOOL ADMISSIONS: The Vicar will only sign a school admission form for regular worshippers at the church (regular worship counts as attending at either morning worship or Messy Church, at least monthly for a full year).  Baptism alone is not sufficient for a school admission form to be signed. We welcome newcomers – why not try worship with your children for a year?

Do get in touch for further details if you would like to organise a Christening or call Helen Cooper (Churchwarden): 07745 420055